Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to record screen of smartphone

The Android operating system is good for many reasons. First of all, the user has the right to change almost every element of its interface. How to run a menu, how to unlock the smartphone - it's up to him. In addition, you can easily use your device as a drive, remote control, and perform many other useful things. In particular, today we will talk about how to record your display in Android Lollipop.

AZ Screen Recorder

We will start our application review with obviuos name AZ Screen Recorder, probably developers wanted to say functions from A to Z for screen recording are available on this application. 
AZ Screen Recorder is able to record in HD and Full-HD  quality. In addition, as reported by the representatives androidauthority, AZ is the only such application in the vast Google Play, which can put a video recording on pause and resume it later.

There are other some advantages of AZ Screen Recorder, one of them is free distribution of and access to the vast majority of functions.

Download : Google Play

ilos screen recorder

ilos - another program for recording videos what happens on the screen of your Lollipop-device. It is noteworthy that recorded videos may contain sound, which is recorded with a microphone device.

Downloading the app and absolutely free. In it there is no advertising, no time limit recording or all sorts of watermarks.

Download : Google Play

One Shot Screen Recorder

The developers of this application wanted to simplify the process of recording video for users. It seems they succeeded. To create a video you need to activate the application, select the screen and press the red button to start recording.

Watermark and ads will remind users that app is free. If you want, you can disable them.


Telecine has high user rating and lack of in-app purchases. In general, the functionality is identical with all the above applications.

Do you record the screen of the smartphone? For what purpose? Share your answers in the comments

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rogue Racer

Representatives of the racing genre quite a lot in Google Play, but today we will talk, perhaps one of the most unusual and addictive one - game Rogue Racing.

But it is unusual in every respect - from the graphics in the style of Minecraft to interface and control a car that puts the player in 90th-minded. All you have to do - drive a wheelbarrow for different locations, while avoiding collisions with other cars and traffic accidents involving pedestrians (if possible). If in an accident with a pedestrian you just take away the glasses, after a serious accident will have to start the game again.

The car accelerates quickly, but to manage it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The higher the speed, the greater the risk that the front or rear bumper you still will touch someone. In fact, as in real life.

The choice of the player offers several types of vehicles - from the simple to the sedan pickup truck, crane car special forces and even ... ice cream van. The machine features high-speed characteristics and maneuverability, so to get a wheelbarrow abruptly, to earn coins in the race.

Of course, if you are not different patient can buy the entire fleet at once: it in Rogue Racing has built-in purchase. However, to beat the game without them is quite real. Well go - she is endless.

We will not hide -it is the amateur game, but as a time-killer on the bus, subway or traffic jams fit perfect. The advantage of Rogue Racing is that it will have the pleasure of both adults and children. And the "cubic" schedule is unlikely to be a disadvantage here.

Name: Rogue Racing
Developer: LuceroTech LLC
Price : Free
Link: Google Play